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Here are the steps to pay your SMDC account thru post dated check (peso or USD) for buyer outside the Philippines

  1. Issue Post-Dated Checks based on your Schedule of Payment.
    Ensure that these details are followed in the Check:

    1. Pay to the order of the Company Name.

    2. Date and amount of check should match your Schedule of Payment.

    3. Amount in words should always match with the amount in figures.

    4. Signature of the account holder must always be present.

    5. 11-digit Contract Information Number (CIN) must be written at the back of the check. (The CIN is indicated in your Thank You Letter, Statement of Account,Schedule of Payment. etc).

    6. For Peso PDC:
    a.The back portion of the check should have the PCHC required dorsal format.
    b. No alterations or erasures on the check even if countersigned.
    c. Amount in words should be indicated if a check writer is used.

    7. For USD PDC:
    a.Account holder must sign any alteration on the check.
    b.USD checks drawn outside US territory are not acceptable.
    c. Third currency checks are not acceptable.

  2. Submit the PDCs to your Property Specialist or to SMDC Payment Center at G/F Two E-com Center Ocean Drive, MOA Complex Pasay City.