Here is how to pay your SMDC account thru remittance.

  1. Go to your nearest accredited Remittance Partners:

    a. Visit www.bdo.com.ph and choose Remittance Services/BDO Remit International Network for a complete list of branches.

    b. You can also visit I-Remit and PNB for the directory of branches.

  2. Fill out the Remittance Application Form:

    a. Beneficiary Name: Company Name
    b. Address: 15/F Two E-com Center Harbor Drive, MOA Complex, Pasay City
    c. Remitter’s Name: Contract Name or Remitter’s Name FAO Contract Name
    d. Reference: II-digit Contract Information Number (CIN)
    e. Beneficiary Account No.: Available upon request from your Property Specialist

  3. Present one (1) valid ID together with your payment and remittance service fee.